The View From the Northeast – My Invitational Ballot

Chad gives the quick and dirty reasons for his Invitational ballot, and some of the people in his Top 5 might just surprise you.

5) Masashi Oiso

Olivier Ruel called him the best player in the Top 8 of PT Columbus. Of course, Olivier won because he was playing Goblins, but Oiso has shown the talent and class we want to see at the Invitational. Besides, I have to show proper respect to someone who flies across the world and steals the prize at GP Boston!

4) Antonino DeRosa

Antonino is excellent at Magic, fun to hang out with and one of the most entertaining players in the game. While many top players have a bit too much arrogance, I find Antonino to be positively modest. It also doesn’t hurt that he bought a copy of Succession (or at least said he was going to!). If he goes to the Invitational I can pretty much guarantee we’ll get our money’s worth in play, stories and overall entertainment.

3) Brian Kibler

Brian wrestles. He’s got his own fan site. He’s on the short list of sexiest Magic players alive. His favorite turn 1 play is Llanowar Elf. He put Armadillo Cloak on Rith and bashed Finkel’s head in. Brian is always good times, and plays from the heart. If I had just one vote, Brian would be it — if for nothing more than knowing his Invitational card would be super fun to play.

2) Paul "Little Darwin" Reitzl

I’m happily married, so I don’t have Osyp’s ulterior motives for nominating Paul. However, I knew him when he was awful (or at least when he described himself as awful) and he’s the sort of young player that makes you proud to be old. Or something like that. Paul has got class, real talent, works hard and loves the game.

1) Osyp Lebedowicz

Whenever someone mentions Osyp I reply, "Yeah, he’s a good player. We last played each other at GP Chicago and I took him in three in a tight match. Actually, come to think of it, Osyp’s never beaten me." Of course, I’m hoping they won’t ask whether we’ve played any other games. Osyp has the results, the humor and that unique black perspective… what more could you want?

Hugs ‘til next time,