The StarCityGames.com Digest for the Week Ending 12/12/2003

Yann Hamon wins Munich, Tim Aten communes with the dead, and everybody talks about New Extended, all in the latest edition of the StarCityGames.com Digest

Star City Writer Yann Hamon won Grand Prix: Munich, winter started in earnest (if not in definition), and new Extended was on everybody’s mind. These are your highlights for the week of 12-12-2003!

Constructed Strategy

On Monday, Peter Jahn kicked off the week with a look at some of the possible combo decks that might have success in Post-Jan 1 Extended with Combo Still Ain’t Dead. Readers clicked back all week long, looking for decklists to take and tweak for their own playtesting, leaving Peter with the most popular article of the week.

Thursday’s highlight was Liverputian Craig Stevenson discussion of the ultimate”rogue” deck for the new Extended season: Pirates! The Englishman’s style and wry sense of humor, plus his tales of playing the deck at Pro Tour: New Orleans, made this article one of the most amusing of the week. A highly recommended read!

Limited Strategy

Tuesday saw Tim Aten bring the noise with AIM High! Mirrodin Red For Limited and Advice For Would Be Moshers. The first part of the article was amusing strategy and advice on how not to get killed in a mosh pit. The second part was comprised exclusively of Instant Messenger conversations with Bea Arthur. Some things can’t be explained, and they shouldn’t even be experienced.

Jeff Hall also chimed in on Friday with a contest-winning effort in 10 Things To Keep In Mind While Drafting Mirrodin. Some people felt the article may have been a bit too obvious at points, but I felt it struck a nice balance, combining some new advice on Mirrodin along with some notes on Booster drafting in general. Congratulations, Jeff! Keep up the good work.


Sweetheart of the Rodeo, Laura Mills, also received glowing reviews for her look at Zen and the Art of Ignoring Luck, a fine discussion of how much luck may or may not play a role in your Magic trials and tribulations.


Travis Hall’s Coming Out of the Closet – A Short Story struck a chord with our community and received rave reviews in the forums on Monday. His clear, concise style of writing addressed a somewhat emotional subject matter, making him one of the fan favorites for the week.

Finally, on Friday Pale Mage answered the call for Issues articles with his thoughts on the Bannings, basic metagaming, and German cabbage, in the playfully-titled Sourkraut Soup. That makes back to back excellent submissions from Pale. Keep on writing!