The SCG Tour®, Website Outages, And Last Chance Sale Updates!

Star City Games General Manager Ben Bleiweiss has an important update on the service outages from this past weekend, The SCG Tour®, and the Last Chance Holiday Sale!

Hey everyone! This past weekend was an exciting weekend for all of us here at StarCityGames.com.

The Good:

The first SCG Tour® event of 2016 shattered our previous attendance record for an Open event. 1,022 players showed up to battle at our Modern Open at
#SCGCIN. This is the first Open to break the 1,000-player mark, and we’re excited to see just how many players show up to Charlotte this weekend for #SCGCHAR and more Modern goodness!

The Good:

This weekend was the debut broadcast for Craig Krempels and the early reviews were very positive! While we all miss Patrick
Sullivan being a weekly voice for SCGLive (though he still will be commentating at a number of events this year), there was a lot of excitement about
Craig’s first show, plus his future potential.

The Bad:

Our hosting provider endured one of the largest cyber attacks in history. As a result, our website experienced
widespread outages for a good portion of Friday and Saturday. These issues seem to be fixed now (everything has been running smoothly since early Sunday

The Ugly:

Our highly-popular Last Chance Sale was significantly disrupted due to the server outages. We’ve received a lot of phone calls, e-mails, and social media
outreach asking if we’re going to extend the sale, or lamenting that people couldn’t buy cards they saw on sale due to the outages. This leads to…

The Good:

We are going to be extending the Last Chance Sale for two days! The sale will go until 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, January 5th. Not only that, but I’ve
personally gone and added several hundred new cards to the sale as a way of saying “thank you for your patience” over this weekend. Cards like Deathmist
Raptor, Underground Sea, and Hallowed Fountain have been added to the sale – and all of the new additions are between 25% and 50% off! You can find the sale here.

The Good:

Oath of the Gatewatch
looks to be a really good set. It’s been a while since I had glowing reviews for a new release (I believe my last one was Khans), but Oath really looks to have a very high percentage of tournament-playable cards. New cards like Oath of Nissa and Eldrazi Displacer (which may be
the best card in the set so far) have people really excited about a shake-up in Standard. You can preorder Oath of the Gatewatch singles,
Expeditions, and sealed product here!

Thank you all for your fantastic support of SCG. It’s amazing to see the turnout we got in Cincinnati and all of the people who reached out to us during
our downtime over the weekend. I hope everyone had a great New Year, and I’m looking forward to a Magical 2016!