The Magic Show Special Edition – Watch Solar Pox Rise To The Top!

Evan Erwin was on-site when the new Solar Pox deck won the StarCityGames.com $1,500 Standard Open – and he got it all on video! Today’s article sees this incredible deck face off against opponents in Round 7, and both the quarter- and semi-finals! Thinking of playing this deck at Champs this weekend, and wanting to learn how to play the deck from first-hand successes? Come look and see!

Hello everybody! Welcome to Special Edition of the Magic Show.

Why is it special? Because today I bring to you live coverage of the Star City Games $1,500 New Standard Open that occurred last weekend. This tournament brought us the powerful new archetype of Solar Pox. Today I bring to you the coverage of Ken Adams’s Round 7, Top 8, and Top 4 matches.

Note: These videos are edited and annotated with no commentary. For example, the Top 4 match was, unedited, almost an hour and a half. Apart from the Round 7 matchup, they include pre- and post-game interviews.

Round 7 – Solar Pox versus Firemane Angel Burn (20:49)

You saw the pre-game interviews in yesterday’s show, now watch the match!

Top 8 – Solar Pox versus Zoo (10:28)

Nathan Twigg faces Solar Pox again, a match he had encountered previously in the swiss. Would his powerful Zoo meet the same fate as before?

Top 4 – Solar Pox versus B/W/R Firemane Angel (21:57)

In this thrilling three-game set, Mike Mihealsick comes the closest to defeating Solar Pox as his Firemanes and Ken’s Haakons duke it out.

Thanks everybody, I’m going to go lie down now.

Evan “misterorange” Erwin
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Written while basking in the glory of a finished product.
Music Credits:
Round 7 – “Tunnels”, The Arcade Fire
Top 8 – “Saving Grace”, Tom Petty
Top 4 – “Gideon”, My Morning Jacket