SCG Daily – The Magic Show #8 – Rakdos Control 2.0

Evan continues his series of video articles. Today’s offering sees him leave the comborific Dragonstorm behind him, opting for a more honest deck: Rakdos Control 2.0. He chronicles his choices for all to see, and runs through a sample game.

Hello everybody. Today I’m going to talk about my favorite deck in Standard right now: Rakdos Control. This deck has been very good to me, and inside I explain both how it works and how I had a big win with it. I also talk about what I would update for Time Spiral.

The video includes one playtesting match against U/W Control (not extremely exciting) but does get to show the awesome #mtgjudge IRC channel in action.

Tomorrow we’ll cover some more playtesting with this newly evolved deck, and I’ll include my most recent list. Enjoy!

Thanks for watching.

Evan “misterorange” Erwin
dubya dubya dubya dot misterorange dot com
eerwin +at+ gmail +dot+ com
Filmed in the Super Secret Tech Labs.