MTGCast #225 – Tunnel Lingus

Thursday, September 23rd – It’s two-plus hours of awesome with Tom, Eric, Conley, and TheBeme from the Mana Screwed podcast!

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This Week in Magic

It’s two-plus hours of awesome with Tom, Eric, Conley, and TheBeme from the Mana Screwed podcast.

We go over the slew of tournaments this past weekend including the
MTGFanatic $5k in Austin on 10/30

, go over
the TCG Player Championship qualifiers (of which Conley just won one with modified Jund) and
upcoming $10k tournaments

leading to the
$75k championship

. The ChannelFireball $5k Standard tournament
was this past weekend, with Brent Peterson crowned champion with Pyromancer Ascension. Tom is enthralled with the
Jamie Wakefield article
and its Relentless Rats deck.
Help design the next
StarCityGames.com shirt
and win $100. We also had a StarCityGames.com Open Series this past weekend, with
Ali Aintrazi winning the Standard portion with Sovereign Mythic
Pau Lynch winning the Legacy portion with Merfolk

Eduardo Lopes

wins Brazilian Nationals. Upcoming events also include the Scars of Mirrodin pre-release this weekend and the
October 9th State and Provincial Championships


Oh, and did you miss the
September 20th Banned and Restricted list update

, where they

Gush and Frantic Search in Vintage?


Of course, we have to go through some
Scars of Mirrodin previews
from both a tournament perspective and from some casual/EDH leanings.

What Have We Been Playing?

Tom discovered a new card for his EDH Mathematician’s Wet Dream deck in Vile Consumption.

Listener Emails

YouTube channel link for

, upcoming Mox + Lotus Legacy tourney at
Jupiter Games in Vestal, NY


MTGCast News

Congratulations to Limited Resources hitting episode #50. We also are announcing a new contest where you can win one of two big prizes!
Contest: Create the next Duel Decks
Prizes: 1x From The Vault: Relics set and 1x Koth of the Hammer
Open: For the next month
Where to enter: Must post entry
in this thread on the
MTGCast forums

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