MTGCast #182 – It Makes You Go WOO WOO!

Claim your territory at The 2009's State and Provincial Championships!
Wednesday, November 25th – In this week€™s edition of MTGCast, the guys are naturally discussing the 2009 World Championships€

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MTGCast #182 – It Makes You Go WOO WOO!
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
Unless you don’t follow the Magic news, Worlds 2009 in Rome was this past weekend and is the main topic of discussion. Andre Coimbra won the individual competition and team China won the team championship. Conley Woods did us proud, netting cold hard cash and pro points with his 44th place finish, along with a feature of his standard deck, Magical Christmasland, on a Deck Tech. Congratulations to Anssi Myllymäki (Anathik) for winning the MTGO World Championship. 2009 Player of the Year is Yuuya Watanabe, 2009 Rookie of the Year is Lino Burgold and the Hall of Fame class of 2009 is Antoine Ruel, Kamiel Cornelissen, Frank Karsten. Oddities for the weekend include the disqualification of Team USA, Team Canada and Team Turkey. Also, check out the mysterious Worlds invitation for David Williams (official WoTC invitation policy and invites)! Check out the top extended deck lists (including Ben Stark’s Scapeshift deck tech) and top 8 standard decklists. New DCI judge promos seen in Rome include Burning Wish and Polluted Delta. Aaron Forsythe also lets us know via Twitter some scum stole his Legacy deck while gunslinging! Various MTGO updates including the December 2009 magic player rewards promos. The December FNM promo is Sakura-Tribe Elder in some amazingly janky new digs.

What Have We Been Playing?
Tom is excited to do some initial games with his Experiment Kraj EDH deck and is on the hunt for an “in the wild” Reveka, Wizard Savant for his deck! Link to that cool 5-color EDH deck revolving around Conspiracy and Ally cards (i.e. Turntimber Ranger) for lots of shenanigans.

Listener Emails
So… many… good… emails. Link to the team page for SK-Gaming (http://www.sk-gaming.com/). If you want to try and see if someone can best the 72oz steak challenge, check out the web cam.

MTGCast News
Make sure to check out Joe and Joe in YO! MTG TAPS!, a great podcast about Standard strategy and more. Check out Tom and Steve’s interview with Steve Port at GP Minneapolis and the just for MTGCast video with Brian Kibler giving us some deck building tips.

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