AuthorAndre Coimbra

Portugal's Andre Coimbra is no stranger to Top 8 play. He is a multiple Grand Prix Top 8 competitor, having made the final table in three continents. He backs up this impressive GP record with multiple money finishes across numerous formats at the highest level.

Feature Article – Winning Worlds

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Friday, December 4th – After an uninspiring 2008, Andre Coimbra had largely retired from the Magic scene. Armed with a single Pro Tour invite for 2009, he cashed it in at the World Championships in Rome… and it paid off! Today, in this non-Premium special, he shares his tournament highs and lows. Congratulations Andre!

Feature Article – Seeing Red at Pro Tour: Hollywood

StarCityGames.com has the cards you need for your 2008 Magic the Gathering Regionals deck!
Friday, May 30th – As an extra Premium article today, Portugal’s Andre Coimbra talks us through his preparation for Pro Tour: Hollywood and shares a few of the more off-the-wall decklists that didn’t quite make the cut,. He also offers his Top 32 Mono-Red deck, and walks us through some of the more pertinent matchups with full sideboarding information. If you’re interested in burning domes at the upcoming Regionals tournaments, this could be the deck for you!

Feature Article – Aggro Flow in the New Extended

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In preparation for Pro Tour: Valencia, Portugal’s Andre Coimbra joined forces with Steve Sadin, Mike Flores, Brian David-Marshall, and more. Together, they looked to demolish the blossoming metagame with a mixture of strategies both old and new. In his first article for StarCityGames.com, Andre shares the development of the deck he played at the PT, updates it for Lorwyn, and reveals his sideboarding strategies. Welcome aboard Andre!