AuthorAaron Forsythe

Part of the current CMU brain trust, started playing Magic in 1995 after he broke several bones by driving a hydraulic jack off of a 6-foot loading dock. (The limp is still visible.) He staked his claim on the Pro Magic scene by playing Karplusan Forests before they were cool, piloting his Angry Hermit deck all the way from Ohio Valley Regionals tothe World Team Championship. He writes his columns and reports with the hopes that other high-profile players will follow suit, sharing their experiences and thoughts with the Magic community. Aaron currently lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Anne, and her ever-growing collection of snowmen.

Hi, I Am Hip-Hop

Maybe it’s better that he never showed me. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to follow the Wakefield model of”stay the course – qualify – die happy, thinking I made my point.” Maybe he wasn’t supposed to end up on Team CMU… But I’m glad he was.

Good Beats: Swan Song

The bells are breakin’ up that ol’ Pittsburgh gang o’ mine… First Rizzo’s moving to Maine, and now Aaron is quitting Magic – but for a VERY good reason.

Good Beats: Mind Sports

As an American citizen, I had to endure quite a media circus over the past few weeks. The outcome of a very important event was in doubt. I would read the newspaper each morning with bated breath, looking for more information, always wondering how and when this huge spectacle would play out. After much waiting,…

Good Beats: Taking One In The Chops

Pro Tour Chicago has come and gone. Combined, all the CMU guys brought home a whopping $875, broken down like this: – $0 Andrew Johnson – $0 Andrew Cuneo – $0 – $875 I can’t say we didn’t get what we deserved. Our playtesting regimen was not very good. I made a gauntlet of fourteen…