Mouth: The Next Great Talent?

I beg to differ. I think Mouth had much more talent than you think.


Regarding the excerpt from your article on Mouth:

“Pro Tour Illinois 2000: 218th Place

“Pro Tour Illinois 2001: 171st Place

“The fact is that Mouth was good… But not that good. When push came to shove, he couldn’t hang with the big boys – and I think he knew that. The Pro Tour was his graveyard; he could get there, but no further. He’d be ‘Mister 171st Place’ every single time.”

I beg to differ. By moving up at his current rate (47 places every year), Mouth would be busting open the top 124 this year, the top 77 in 2003, the top 30 in 2004, the top 13 in 2005, and then be comfortably in the top 8 of whatever Pro Tour stop reigned supreme in Autumn 2006. He would be like a slo-mo Kamiel Cornelissen, taking the world by tepid rain. Don’t sell this rising star short!

Of course, the entire schedule has been put off for however long, because of that inconvenient cheating thing. Also, there’s no guarantee of a linear progression; a graph showing diminishing returns (losing, say, six slots with every leap forward) is probably more accurate. Also, he’ll theoretically mature, find someone to spend time with, and devote less time to Magic, which should degrade his performance further (say, another five slots with every leap forward). Lemme get my calculator…

I’m fairly certain we’ll see Mouth going toe-to-toe with Kai some mildly cool Sunday in 2155, at the very latest.

So there.

– AA

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