AuthorAnthony Alongi

Anthony Alongi has been playing Magic since 1998. He is one of the earliest thinkers and writers regarding multiplayer Magic and has written for Wizards of the Coast, the Dojo, and here at StarCityGames. He is a public servant, author, father, husband, and dog owner.

Command The Cube: Part 3

Multiplayer guru Anthony Alongi returns to close out his excellent series on Commander Cube, the unsung format that combines every kind of fun Magic has to offer!

Command The Cube: Part 2

Special guest Anthony Alongi continues his series on Commander Cube! Get more insights from one of the founding personalities of multiplayer Magic as he shares his tips for a great social Magic experience!

Command The Cube: Part 1

SCG is pleased to welcome special guest Anthony Alongi! One of the earliest gurus of multiplayer Magic, Anthony has a great series lined up on how to get the most out of your Commander and Cube experiences!

CASUAL FRIDAYS #148: Closing Thoughts

Anthony looks back at the Hall, and tells you all how to graduate with honors from the Along School Of Multiplayer Magic…. Or he would, if you ever graduated. Also included: The entire Hall, sortable across colors and types!

CASUAL FRIDAYS #141: The Gold Hall Of Fame

The numbers mix-up is done… And by Jeezum crow, the complete downloadable spreadsheet is here at last! And while gold cards may not be in Onslaught, but they’re still the lifeblood of many casual players! Find out Alongi’s top 35 picks, and his suggestions for multiplayer staples.

CASUAL FRIDAYS #144: The Sapphire Hall Of Fame

#140, #142, #145, #143, and NOW it’s #144? Well, the Ferrett’s evidently gone off his rocker, but it’s too late to do anything now. And unlike the editor’s righteous inconsistency, I start off the blue section of the Hall of Fame pretty much the same way every time, telling you how blue has a lousy time in multiplayer – its natural strength in duel is its major weakness in group.

CASUAL FRIDAYS #143: The Jet Hall Of Fame

Red’s trade-offs usually feel pretty chaotic -“I can get a powerful effect, but I’m likely to get burned in the process (either by actually getting burned, or losing random cards).” Black’s trade-offs are a bit more cold and calculating -“I lose this predictable resource to make X happen to everyone else.” So how does black fare in multiplayer?

CASUAL FRIDAYS #142: The Ruby Hall Of Fame

Anthony’s last week at StarCity starts off with the thirty-five best red cards in multiplayer… Plus over ten”staples” every self-respecting mountain mage has in their collection! Which Onslaught card has zoomed to #9 on the list? No, it’s not Insurrection.

CASUAL FRIDAYS #139: Mistakes Were Made

When Theo actually managed to get a Mirari down (round 8, well after my deck should have produced one), I was pretty sure we were finished. But lo! Hope springs eternal. I drew Capsize… And that’s where The Mistake came in.