Deal of the Week: Adopt-A-Pro!

Have you noticed that this week’s Deal of the Week? We’re selling all Pro Player cards for only $.10 each. That’s right, you can buy a Pro for just a shiny dime! Don’t you want to bring love to an unloved Pro? If so, read inside!

Hey everyone, I’ve got a story that will touch your heartstrings. You see, it starts with this man:

The Juggernaught

You see him? That’s Kai Budde, former best-freakin’-player of all time! Kai is just one of dozens of Pro Players who need your love.

Each year, thousands of players vie to be pictured on a Pro Player card, but each year only dozens get their shot at fame. People like Kai are shown a little more love than others. Maybe someone misses Kai at major Magic tournaments, and bought hundreds of copies of his Pro Player card to make “Missing” posters with. Who am I to tell? Either way, for just pennies on the card, you can make a Pro feel loved today!

Sonne-ic Boom!

10 cents each? The price is RIGHT!

Samwise Gomersallgee

Jonathan Sonne, Mark Herberholz, and Sam Gomersall are just three of the Pros who have found the fame and recognition that goes along with being a player with a Pro Player card. Each of these lucky gents has found a comfortable home in someone’s living room/game store/their own houses. Am I going to say who bought out all copies of their own card? No sirree! If I had the opportunity to buy 350+ copies of my own personalized memorabilia for only $.10 each (less than $50!), I would jump at the opportunity.

Fear The Kibler

Brian Kibler, I’m talking to you! If anyone is at SoCal Gencon, please let Mr. Kibler know that for only $15, he can make himself a full-wall collage of himself to look at every day!

Play so tight it put his opponent into a coma

Takeshi's Kastle

The Legend


MTG is plagued with Tommi Wannabes

See the Hall of Fame class of 2005? Sure, they get thousands of dollars in prizes, free Pro Tour invitations, and all the back-room food they can eat at every exotic location of the Pro Tour. But what good is that if nobody shows them any love? That sort of respect doesn’t cost the nearly $300,000-lifetime winnings of Jon Finkel. Heck, it doesn’t cost $30,000 or $3,000 or even $300. No, for one-ten-thousandth of Jon’s lifetime winnings, you can buy every copy of his card, and use them as the coolest Call of the Herd tokens on your block.

Bob versus Bob

Which likeness do you think is better of Bob Maher — the painted caricature on Dark Confidant, or the photo-realistic artwork of Craig the Wizards-contracted picturemaker? Dark Confidant will run you nearly ten bucks. Bob Maher himself will run you only ten cents! What a bargain!

It took Antonino one year to refine his seduction techniques

Watch as you see the maturing process take place right before your very eyes! Pretend like this is before or after. What a wacky jokester! I’d pay $.10 for Antonino!

The Luke and Darth of Magic the Gathering

Own the entire Ruel family! Play good cop / bad cop in your own living room!

Gerard's Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume was a rousing success

Confidential to Gerard: You accidentally typed 100 instead of 356 in your order quantity field. We’ll be happy to correct this mistake — operators are standing by!

The StarCityGames.com Adopt-A-Pro program — just $.10 a card for all the love you can give to the Pro nearest and dearest to your heart! This offer ends Monday night at 12:01am. Act now — operators are standing by.