AuthorSam Gomersall

Sam Gomersall currently ranks 5th in the World for Limited with a rating above 2100. He is one of England's top pros and received the "Player's Choice" invitation to the 2005 Magic Invitational. He's also the winner of the recent Grand Prix: Hasselt.

On the Team- English Nationals *3rd*

Nats is one of those nice events for the pros, as we get to play real life MTG in our own countries only about twice a year. Due to this fact, I usually put quite a lot of effort in and this year was no exception. I felt that I would be well prepared enough for the Limited portion of the event because I did so much practice for PT: London, which was the same exact format. This left me with quite a lot of time to only have to concentrate on one thing: Constructed. Now anyone that knows me knows just how much I loathe a game involving sixty-card decks, but I was still prepared to give it a go and see if there was a deck that I liked the look of in the current format.

Draft Archetypes In The Post-Saviors Metagame

There are several major changes that Saviors has given us; Green has gone from the worst to the best color in just the space of one booster, every other color has become a lot less spirit-based, and Black and White have taken a big hit as they used to be the deepest colors but Saviors has given them nothing. So now that the Pro Tour has come and gone, it is safe for me to reveal my drafting secrets – and here is the plan that I had for the Pro Tour, all laid out for you.

Gleaming the Cube

The best Magic format of all time happens to the the Cube draft. If you have never heard of this type of format before, don’t worry, I’m here to explain it and provide a complete listing of what you can do with a Cube and what is in my personal Cube that I play with pro Magic players around the world.

First Impressions of Saviors in Kamigawa Block Limited: Black and Red

“Since I first started writing this article, I have been waiting to talk about this card. It is so much fun when it’s in the right deck, yet so useless when you don’t have enough triggers for it. I first learnt of its powers when Tim Aten taught us all a lesson in a draft at the Invitational.” What card is Sam talking about? You’ll have to check inside to find out!

3 Months In The Life Of A Poor Magic Pro

I’ve decided to write an article about the last three months in my life, as I spent them all in America and underwent quite a few changes, some for better, some for worse, depending mainly on if you are one of my parents or not. If you are looking for an article on the latest Type Two deck or what you should be drafting this week on MODO, then this is probably not for you, but if you want to know what it is like to be at rock bottom and still make the best of what you have, then settle down make yourself a cup of tea. You’re in for a nice ride and I hope you will enjoy it.

Saviors in Kamigawa Block Limited – First Impressions of White and Blue

Today StarCityGames.com welcomes Magic Invitationalist and mad drafter Sam Gomersall to the fold. In his first article, Sam takes a peek at what Saviors of Kamigawa White and Blue have to offer in Limited, including general advice on where you should be picking each card in those colors and a smattering of pithy English wit to boot!