Daily Digest: Stop Them Before It’s Too Late

Eldrazi dominance is the new normal, but Ross Merriam isn’t ready to just throw in the towel. He’s looking around for ways to fight them, and he’s found one such contender in his Daily Digest debut!

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<p>After #SCGLOU, the dominance of Eldrazi has become official. While it is likely that the deck gets banned out of existence sometime in the near future, that may not be soon enough to help anyone who is looking to play in Grand Prix Detroit, so it behooves us to look for ways to fight it.</p>
<p>Gabriel Hatcher took this hot little number to a solid finish in the Top 32 in Louisville, and it definitely has some nice things going for it.</p>
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<p>The removal suite of <a href=Lightning Bolt, Skred, and Volcanic Fallout gives you the ability to interact early enough to stop the most broken starts from Eldrazi, while Skred remains relevant well into the late-game if you need to kill Thought-Knot Seer or Reality Smasher. The flexibility of Skred is crucial here and something that most removal spells lack, hence the high price we need to pay in deckbuilding to play it.

Blood Moon is a great card to disrupt the mana of the Eldrazi decks, especially if most players adopt the U/W lists that wreaked havoc last weekend. With a timely Blood Moon, you can stop your opponent from casting their most powerful cards, clean up their cheap creatures, and have a sizable window in which to end the game unopposed.

And this deck can certainly end games quickly with Koth of the Hammer and Demigod of Revenge. The sideboard offers more potential land destruction and a bevy of options to help against Affinity, the only other deck that has consistently performed in the Eldrazi metagame.

There is some work to do cleaning up this list, as some of the singletons seem out of place, and I would like to see a greater emphasis on fast mana (Coldsteel Heart, Simian Spirit Guide, Desperate Ritual, etc.) and Blood Moon effects, but this could be a potent weapon for those looking to take up the banner against the Eldrazi while they are still around.

Join The SCG Tour<sup>®</sup> in Philadelphia February 27-28!” border=”1″ /></a></div></p>
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