Runaway While You Steam-Kin: Bringing Underworld Breach To Historic

Can Underworld Breach fuel a broken Historic deck? Dom Harvey gives it his best try with Runaway Steam-Kin and friends.

Runaway Steam-Kin, illustrated by Jason Felix

When the Jumpstart: Historic Horizons set list dropped into our laps, I had more fun coming up with deck ideas than I've had in a long time. Historic's lack of continuity and definition is a serious problem in some ways but a blessing in others, giving you a chance to work your creative muscle. My initial brainstorming, as chronicled in my article from a few weeks ago, featured a wacky Grinning Ignus combo deck that exemplifies everything I love about Magic.


A sad truth of deckbuilding and content creation is that most experiments fail. For every batch of decks we brew up for a new set, only a handful will pass the initial smell test and fewer still merit real consideration. You also have to keep your own biases in check. I love decks like this that are too clever for their own good but am always sure to make that clear before I endorse them to others. With the Arena economy making it cost-prohibitive to try out anything new, I expected this deck to be a fun idea and nothing more. 


Thankfully, proud paper boomer Ross Merriam was able to put the deck through its paces on VS Live! and gave it rave reviews. Although Corey's Tempered Steel list was easy prey for a fast combo deck, the shell seemed functional and powerful enough to take on more disruptive opponents. 

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