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Worst Expansion Ever?: A Planescape Prerelease Report

I was very much looking forward to this tournament, being on a serious tournament jones lately… As those who have followed my Magic musings know, I am horribly overworked and underpaid and haven’t been able to attend many tournaments as I would like. In fact, it had been over a month since I’d played in…

CASUAL FRIDAYS #75: A Writer’s Contract With The Reader

Since I am about to undertake a massive amount of Magic-related writing (PT: LA reports, Multiplayer Invitational musings, Planeshift haiku, etc.), I feel perfectly comfortable using this week’s Casual Fridays to talk about something beyond the game itself. I hope both casual and professional players interested in Magic writing will take a bit of time…

Force of Will: Pork Byproducts

Pork, a.k.a.”the other White meat,” was a failure. But it brought up a few issues about the metagame, and cleared the way for next week’s article…

Peter Out!

By God, if it was anyone but Tony this would seem like
shameless self-promotion!