WotC Provides First Look At Predatory Jumpstart Packs

Jumpstart is right around the corner! Take an inside look at Predatory – one of the many pack themes!

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), take a look at Predatory — one of the many themed packs included as a part of Jumpstart.

Predatory is one of the many pack themes provided in Jumpstart, and is based on the theme of “hunting and consuming your prey.”

Each themed pack, in addition to the normal basic lands, includes a special basic land with new art that matches the pack theme.

Predatory includes cards that are broken down into three categories that also fit the theme – prey, ways to hunt, and aggressive utility spells that “…keep you attacking and out of sticky situations.”

PreyWays to HuntUtility
GingerbruteAffectionate IndrikMarauder’s Axe
Dawntreader ElkSabertooth MaulerCrushing Canopy
Brindle ShoatIrresistible Prey
TrufflesnoutTime to Feed

All Jumpstart packs also feature a new rare card, designed specifically to “nail the theme of the pack.” According to WotC, many of these new themed rares include hybrid mana costs in order to “open up new space to create a new two-color Commander deck, all while letting you activate the ability even if your Jumpstart deck doesn’t support that second color.”

Neyith of the Dire Hunt

Filling the role as the green legendary creature for the Predatory packs, Neyith will be included in each of the four packs.

Whenever one ore more creatures you control fight or become blocked, draw a card.

This is a great payoff for aggressive decks that already plan to keep attacking. Decks that are able to include cards such as Voracious Hydra and other high-impact cards with fight abilities are able to gain additional value as well.

At the beginning of combat on your turn you may pay 2R/G. If you do, double target creature’s power until end of turn. That creature must be blocked this combat if able.

A problem that many aggressive decks face is running out of steam too quickly and not having ways to utilize their mana later in the game. This ability lets you curve out early and then spend mana in the mid to late game to create a huge threat that the opponent is forced to answer.

Predatory Decklists

In order to keep the Jumpstart experience as fresh as possible, many pack themes feature slightly different contents, such as varied rares, creatures, or removal spells. Predatory packs have four variants, all of which are listed below.

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