Dogs Jumpstart Deck Gets Three New Friends

Three new dogs in the pack for Jumpstart Dog deck.

Release the Dogs, illustrated by Jason Kang

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC), check out some of the new canine companions coming to the Dogs Jumpstart deck.

While highlighted by the reprint of Isamaru, Hound of Konda with the correct creature type of Legendary Creature — Dog, there are three new cards to drool over. Take a look at Supply Runners, Trusty Retriever, and Release the Dogs.

Release the Dogs fills up your battlefield quickly with 1/1 white Dog creatures allowing Supply Runners to make the pack grow larger. Trusty Retriever lets you dig up lost treasure or deploy a 3/4 Dog.

Along with the Isamaru reprint, check out the special basic land for the Dogs deck.

The art of a glorious floof relaxing on a beautiful day is quite the contrast with the vicious portrayal of Isamaru, but we know they’re all good dogs.

The remainder of the Dog deck is unknown, but it’s a safe bet dogs from Core Set 2021 could be included, similar to other Jumpstart decks utilizing new cards from the latest set. Some options from Core Set 2021 could be: Pack Leader, Alpine Watchdog, Rambunctious Mutt, and Selfless Savior.