White Gets New Legendary Human Cleric In Mangara, the Diplomat

Red decks grab your Lava Coils, you’re gonna need them.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Ma Noah, check out white’s newest legendary Human Cleric from Core Set 2021 — Mangara, the Diplomat!

A 2/4 with lifelink for 3W is already a decent body against most aggressive strategies, but it’s the first ability that really punishes an opponent’s aggression.

Whenever an opponent attacks with creatures, if two or more of those creatures are attacking you and/or planeswalkers you control, draw a card.

Not only do you get to block, gain two life, and possibly even kill off an opponent’s attacker, you also get free card draw!

Whenever an opponent casts their second spell each turn, draw a card.

More free cards! As the game progresses and opponent’s have access to more mana, Mangara continues to generate value. The only potential problem is that it makes the legendary creature a prime target for removal as well.

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