Red Gets New Enchantment in Double Vision

Get ready to double your fun with Core Set 2021’s latest wild enchantment.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Grzegorz Kowalski, check out red’s latest wacky enchantment from Core Set 2021 – Double Vision!

Right off the heels of another red enchantment that generates free mana getting banned, Core Set 2021 introduces a new, more expensive way to get more bang for your buck. Unlike Fires of Invention, however, you don’t get to tap out for Double Vision and immediately double your fun.

Many looked right to getting extra copies of the new Ultimatums from Ikoria, though in older formats it could be used to abuse Time Walk effects like Nexus of Fate. Notably, Double Vision only works on the first instant or sorcery on each turn, so you can’t keep chaining spells with extra copies, but it does work on your opponent’s turn as well.

Other powerful spells to combine with Double Vision in Standard that aren’t Ultimatums include Sundering Stroke, Planewide Celebration, Into the Story, and Commence the Endgame.