Weekly MTG Talks New Magic Comic Series

Show talks with writer and associate editor for the series and show off art.

Art from Magic comic illustrated by Ig Guara

Steve Sunu brought Jed MacKay and Amanda LeFranco onto Weekly MTG today to discuss the upcoming Magic comic series from BOOM! Studios.

MacKay, the writer, and LaFranco, the associate editor, talked about how the series started and their backgrounds with Magic and comics before showing off some art from the upcoming ongoing series. Illustrator Ig Guara was unable to make the show, but plenty of his work was previewed.

MacKay hinted that the story will start by following Ral Zarek, Vraska, and Kaya and will visit places like Ravnica, Innistrad, Ixalan, and Dominaria. He mentioned that Vraska was his favorite character to write.

LaFranco noted that unlike previous Magic comics, this story is an ongoing series and not limited. She said the team behind the series wanted to do something in Magic comics that has never been done before. The team has a lot of freedom to take the story in new directions and forging new ground in the Magic world through epic storytelling.

MacKay also said that this is its own story, not a spinoff of another story, that can lead to its own spinoffs and limited series. MacKay, known for his work on Marvel’s Black Cat, played Magic in the 90s before going to college and returning to the game later.

Magic and comic fans can use the store locator to find a store near them to get their hands on the first edition April 7. The first issue will be $4.99 and will also be available digitally from content providers likes Google Play and iBooks. Learn more about the series from BOOM! Studios. Check out the cover for the first issues below.