Series Of Updates Coming To MTG Arena Alongside Historic Anthology IV

Check out the updates and new events coming soon to MTG Arena!

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has released the details for an upcoming MTG Arena update which includes the launch of Historic Anthology IV.

Upcoming Events

Premier Drafts

  • March 12–26: War of the Spark
  • March 26–April 2: Core Sets

Quick Draft Schedule

  • March 12–April 2: Kaldheim

FNM at Home Schedule

  • March 12: Historic
  • March 19: Standard Shakeup
  • March 26: Pauper

Additional Events

  • March 12–April 2: Historic Shakeup
  • March 13–March 16: Festival – Historic Artisan
  • March 20–March 23: Festival – On the Edge
  • March 27–April 1: Festival – Historic Brawl

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Players can now search their collection with the term “o:energy” to easily find cards with energy symbols.
  • When matchmaking, the Cancel button is now hidden when a match is found and will reappear if the match fails to start.
  • Several improvements have been made around connecting to matches and handling disconnections.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent targeting an opponent caused by either player reconnecting mid-match.
  • Additional improvements have been made to stack animations.
  • Targeting of enchanted and Rune-enchanted Equipment has been improved on mobile.
  • Lands with multiple Glittering Frost enchantments now have consecutive mana wheels.
  • Fixed several translation issues, most notably Japanese.

Amon-cat Pet Cosmetic

Players can purchase Amon-cat in the MTG Arena store starting today, March 11.

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