Weekly MTG Shows Off 2020 Pride Shirts

New Magic and Dungeons and Dragons Pride shirts revealed.

Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis, illustrated by Willian Murai

Steve Sunu revealed the 2020 Pride T-Shirts for Magic and Dungeons and Dragons on Weekly MTG today with the help of Magic tabletop game producer Stephanie Mitchell, Magic digital senior producer Shiaw-Ling Lai, and Lambert House program director Brandon Knox.

As part of Pride month, Mitchell and Lai discussed the Wizards LGBTQA+ employee resource group, from its mission to its goals. Knox talked about the ways Lambert House helps meets the needs of the youth and went over the adjustments they have had to make since COVID-19 made gathering difficult.

After that the group showed off the new shirts, noting all the proceeds benefit The Trevor Project and Lambert House.