Sword Of Body And Mind, Mesmeric Orb Return In Double Masters

Mesmeric Orb gets first reprint while Sword of Body and Mind receives box topper treatment.

Sword of Body and Mind, illustrated by Chris Rahn

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Loading Ready Run, check out another sword in Double Masters and a first-time reprint from Mirrodin – Sword of Body and Mind and Mesmeric Orb!

Sword of Body and Mind debuted in Scars of Mirrodin with reprints in From the Vault: Relics, and as a Kaladesh Invention. While it didn’t have massive implications in Standard, it will end games of limited incredibly quickly with the mill function (now worded that way after the keyword was added in Core Set 2021). The normal printing of Sword of Body and Mind maintains the original Chris Rahn art, but it also gets a box topper variant with art from Steve Prescott.

Mesmeric Orb returns at rare with its first reprint after its release in Mirrodin. To go along with the mill theme from Sword of Body and Mind, Mesmeric Orb has often been a combo piece in its history. It has appeared in decks like Dimir Mill and the Legacy deck, Four Horsemen.