Secret Lair: The Full-Text Lands Unveiled

New Secret Lair drop offers full-text lands for the first time in Magic history.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Hard Drive, check out a new Secret Lair drop — Full-Text Lands!

The new drop is a twist on full-art lands and has been a fan request for years. Each basic land has a massive text box that fully breaks down how lands work in a game of Magic. Check them out in WUBRG order.


Preorders can be placed starting on April 26 running through May 28 for $29.99 for non-foil and $39.99 for foil editions. Each drop includes one of each basic land. A bundle including ten copies of each land called the Voracious Reader Bundle is also available for $239.99 for non-foil and $319.99 for foil.

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