Weekly MTG Shows Off Shocklands Secret Lair Drops

Weekly MTG Previews the Culture Shocks Secret Lair drops featuring the shocklands.

Chris Peeler and Adam Styborski previewed the five Culture Shocks Secret Lair drops, featuring the ten shocklands with new art, on today’s episode of Weekly MTG.

The Culture Shocks drops were the final installments of the Dr. Lair’s Secretorium Superdrop, which also includes the Full-Text Lands drop, Our Show Is On Friday drop, Can You Make It drop, and the Showcase: Strixhaven drop.

The shockland images surfaced last week from Magic Online leaks along with the new Mystical Archive-styled cards from the Showcase: Strixhaven drop. The shocklands are split into collections of shards with each land that makes up the shard and all the lands feature new art from planes other than Ravnica. Each Culture Shocks drop is $29.99 and are non-foil.

Culture Shocks: Bant

Culture Shocks: Esper

Culture Shocks: Grixis

Culture Shocks: Jund

Culture Shocks: Naya

Notably, to collect at least one of each shockland, players will need to purchase one set of every shard as each shard contains a land unique to it. For those looking to collect them all, a bundle of all the Culture Shocks called the Supershock Bundle can be purchased for $119.99.

Preorders for all of the new Secret Lair drops starts April 26 and runs through May 28. Check out the Secret Lair site for details on preordering.

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