Rosewater Details Likelihood Of Future Sight Reprints

In today’s Making Magic, Mark Rosewater breaks down the likelihood of reprints from Future Sight!

Daybreak Coronet illustrated by Scott Hampton

In today’s Making Magic, Magic: The Gathering Head Designer, Mark Rosewater, takes a look at “futureshifted” cards from Future Sight and breaks down the likelihood of each one getting reprinted.

According to Rosewater, Future Sight contained 81 “futureshifted” cards, which were designed with the intention of one day trying to “find places to actually print some of the cards in the future.”

Likely to be Reprinted

Arcanum Wings Blade of the Sixth Pride Centaur Omenreader Daybreak Coronet Emblem of the Warmind

While these cards fit the criteria for being reprinted, they still require the right set and conditions be met and unfortunately, “…that day might not be soon.”

Unlikely to be Reprinted

Blind Phantasm Fomori Nomad Darksteel Garrison Deepcavern Imp Edge of Autumn

Very Unlikely to be Reprinted

Bitter Ordeal Bonded Fetch Bound in Silence Bridge From Below Dryad Arbor Fleshwrither Flowstone Embrace Second Wind Witch's Mist

Already Reprinted

Aven Mindcensor Mass of Ghouls Nessian Courser Bloodshot Trainee Boldwyr Intimidator

While it appears likely we could see the return of some exciting Future Sight cards, but there’s no telling when it might happen.

Based on the breakdown above, which cards would you be most excited to see reprinted? Leave us a comment below!

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