Rosewater Confirms New Set Reveal Coming Soon

Mark Rosewater has confirmed details for upcoming sets are coming next week!

Magic: The Gathering Head Designer, Mark Rosewater, confirmed via his Blogatog that details concerning at least one upcoming set (beyond Zendikar Rising) would be revealed next Tuesday, September 1.

The question came to Rosewater as a follow up to one asked on yesterday’s Weekly MTG stream, where Blake Rassmussen initially hinted at a possible reveal.

Looking beyond Zendikar Rising, the only known information for the forthcoming 2021 sets are their codenames:

  • Equestrian – January 2021
  • Fencing – Spring 2021
  • Golf – September 2021

With preview season for Zendikar Rising scheduled to officially begin this coming Tuesday, September 1 at 11 AM ET (8 AM PT) via twitch.tv/Magic, it’s likely that the details concerning Equestrian and possibly beyond will be shared during this stream.

What do you think the set’s codenames could mean? And what plane themes would you be most excited to see next? Let us know in the comments below!