SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier #5 Shifts From Standard To Historic

September 7 Championship Qualifier changed to Historic along with Challenge period format update.

Starting next week, the SCG Tour Online is getting more Historic action, with the daily Challenge schedule getting revamped to have more Historic events and the September 7th Championship Qualifier shifting from Standard to Historic.

SCG Tour Online Challenge Period #5

The August 31 — September 2 qualifying period will be the first Challenge period to reflect the new schedule. The new slate will have four Historic Challenges and three Standard Challenges while the previous Challenge period had seven Standard Challenges a single Historic Challenge. Each day will continue to have a discounted Happy Hour Challenge for $10, however, the new Happy Hour Challenge will be Historic at 2 PM ET (instead of the previously scheduled Standard Happy Hour Challenge at 4 PM ET)

Updated Challenge Period For Aug. 31 — Sept. 2

  • 10 AM ET Historic
  • 12 PM ET Standard
  • 2 PM ET Historic ($10 Happy Hour Special!)
  • 4 PM ET Standard
  • 6 PM ET Historic
  • 8 PM ET Standard
  • 10 PM ET Historic

SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier #5

Along with the Challenge period changing, the fifth SCG Tour Online Season Two Championship Qualifier will now be Historic (instead of Standard) and will be the first of its kind. Be sure to tune into twitch.tv/starcitygames at 10 AM ET on September 7 for the debut of Historic on the SCG Tour Online!