New Leaks Give Possible First Look At Kaldheim Product Packaging

New leaks give potential look at Kaldheim product packaging.

Images appearing to show the packaging for the upcoming set Kaldheim have been shared on Reddit.

Editors note: The following content has not yet been proven real or fake. All information is purely speculative and should be treated as such until officially confirmed by Wizards of the Coast (WotC).

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Shared to the MagicTCG subreddit by user huriel19, the series of images appear to show the packaging art for Kaldheim Collector Boosters, Draft Boosters, and Bundles. The packaging also suggests that the ghost assassin planeswalker, Kaya, will be a major roleplayer in the set.

While still unconfirmed by WotC, a previous post shared by KrisWithACh nearly three weeks ago appears to also show a physical copy of Kaldheim product, and although badly damaged, we can clearly see the same image of Kaya that was displayed on the Bundle.

Click to See Images of Potential Leaks

Kaldheim is currently scheduled to release on February 5.