Takuwa, Mono-Red Prowess, Wins Magic Online Champions Showcase

The first Magic Online Champions Showcase was won by Mono-Red Prowess!

Monastery Swiftspear, illustrated by Steve Argyle

Kazuya Takuwa won the first Magic Online Champions Showcase with Mono-Red Prowess (Obosh).

The Magic Online Champions Showcase debuted a new tournament format – six total rounds, three Draft and three Constructed – and players with a record of 3-0 in either format move forward to the finals. Should a player go 3-0 in both formats, there is no finals and that player is automatically crowned champion.

After qualifying for this event by winning the Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Limited Championship, Takuwa displayed his mastery of Limited once again, going undefeated through the Zendikar Rising Draft rounds. Takuwa then proceeded to go 0-3 in the Modern rounds, but thanks to his initial 3-0, was automatically put through to the finals.

In the finals, Takuwa was matched against Francesco Giresi (Four-Color Control), a player who qualified after winning a Pauper Championship. Giresi had secured his spot in the finals by finishing with a record of 2-1 in Draft and 3-0 in Modern.

After three close matches, Takuwa was able to overcome a misplay in which he overlooked Teferi, Time Raveler’s passive ability, and took the series 2-1, making him the winner of the first Magic Online Champions Showcase. With his victory, Takuwa takes home a cool $20,000 and an invite to the Kaldheim Split Championship.

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