More Than A Third Of Mystical Archive Cards Previewed

Check out a bunch of cards previewed today from the Mystical Archive.

Lightning Bolt, illustrated by Christopher Moeller

Day 1 of Strixhaven preview season unveiled many new cards and almost two dozen cards included in the Mystical Archive. Check out the new-art reprints and one new card that happens to be the first preview from Modern Horizons 2 . Take a look at 26 of the 63 cards in the Mystical Archive below.

Dark Ritual previewed by Wargamer:

Urza’s Rage previewed by The Vorthos Cast:

Krosan Grip previewed by Voxy.

Day of Judgment previewed by Emmaskyeward:

Blue Sun’s Zenith previewed by Crokeyz:

Sign in Blood previewed by Reid Duke:

Shock previewed by After Office TTV:

Abundant Harvest, Channel, Counterspell, Duress, Lightning Bolt, Strategic Planning, and Time Warp previewed by Weekly MTG. Abundant Harvest is the first card from Modern Horizons 2 and will be legal in Vintage, Legacy, Commander, and Historic until it’s official printing in Modern Horizons 2 makes it Modern legal. These go along with the first three cards previewed a few weeks back on Weekly MTG — Opt, Swords to Plowshares, and Demonic Tutor.

Cultivate and Weather the Storm previewed by Wizards of the Coast on Instagram:

Snakeskin Veil previewed by Dicebreaker:

Growth Spiral previewed by PolyHS:

Inquisition of Kozilek previewed by Magic: the Gathering Brazil on YouTube:

Whirlwind Denial previewed by Scryfall:

Village Rites previewed by Top Level Podcast:

Mind’s Desire previewed by MTG Arena:

Defiant Strike previewed by Noah Walker:

All of the Mystical Archive cards other than Dark Ritual, Channel, Counterspell, and Lightning Bolt will be legal in Historic on Arena.

So what do you think of these previews? What cards are you most excited to play in Historic? Let us know in the comments below!