Magic Pros Make Swimsuit Calendar For Charity

Twelve Magic players come together for a good cause.

Imperious Perfect, illustrated by Scott M. Fischer

A dozen Magic players have come together to produce a swimsuit calendar with all the profits going to charity.

Patrick Chapin, a member of the Magic Hall of Fame, spearheaded the project, recruiting eleven other players to pose for the calendar. The limited edition calendar sells for $10 and all profits will benefit the Trevor Project, a non-profit focused on suicide prevention for LQBTQ youth.

Chapin is joined by Brian Kibler, Gabriel Nassif, Ben Stark, Martin Juza, Raphael Levy, Gerry Thompson, Eric Froehlich, Josh Utter-Leyton, Ondrej Strasky, Oliver Tomajko, and Michael Flores. Some sneak peaks from the Etsy page include cropped images of Kibler, Levy, and Juza.

Brian Kibler

Order the MTG Swimsuit Calendar from the Etsy page.