All-Access Tokens Return To Magic Online

Check out the updates and new events coming soon to Magic Online!

The Great Henge
The Great Henge, illustrated by Adam Paquette

As part of an ongoing series of weekly changes, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced the updates and changes for week 16 of Zendikar Rising on Magic Online.

Commander Legends

Commander Legends is now live on Magic Online.

All-Access Tokens Return

The popular tokens, typically reserved for Eternal Weekend, will be returning next Wednesday and will be granting players “access to (almost) every card in Magic Online…”

Vintage Cube

Vintage Cube will be active through January 13. A full list of the cube contents can be found here.

Updated Alternative Play Schedule

  • December 23–January 13: Vintage Cube.
  • January 13–20: New Cube Spotlight Cube Series.
  • January 20–28: Vintage Masters Flashback.

Limited Qualifiers

Saturday, January 10, 20215 AM PTSuper QualifierZNR SealedTop 2 – Kaldheim Championship
Sunday, January 117 AM PTQualifier ZNR SealedKaldheim Championship

Format Challenges

Format Challenges are scheduled to run every weekend for the foreseeable future and are the “first step to qualifying for Premier Play.” The schedule for upcoming Format Challenges can be found below:

12:00 AM Vintage Challenge
2:00 AMPauper Challenge 
4:00 AMLegacy ChallengeModern Challenge
6:00 AMStandard ChallengePioneer Challenge
8:00 AMModern ChallengeLegacy Challenge
10:00 AMVintage ChallengePauper Challenge
2:00 PMPioneer ChallengeStandard Challenge

Next Downtime

The next downtime is scheduled for January 27 at 9 AM PT until noon. This is to implement the launch of Kaldheim.

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