Kaldheim Set, Theme Booster Previews Show Return Of Vehicles And Changelings

Five potential tribes unveiled as well.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) previewed the unique cards coming to Kaldheim Set and Theme Boosters hinting at the return of Vehicles and Changelings along with five recurring tribes of creatures in the set.

There will be twenty unique cards not found in the base set of Kaldheim, showing up only in Set and Theme Boosters as well as the Commander decks. The cards will be Standard legal and range from uncommons to rares.

The creature types of Elves, Angels, Giants, Berserkers, and Dwarves appear on multiple cards hinting at tribal aspects to the set that go along with the already previewed Pyre of Heroes. Other standouts are Gladewalker Ritualist, the first Standard-legal Changeling since Lorwyn block, and Gilded Assault Cart, the first Vehicle since Theros Beyond Death.

Check out the twenty unique cards below:

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