Good Morning Magic Answers More Of Your Commander Legends Questions

Learn more about cards and mechanics that didn’t make the cut.

Hans Eriksson, illustrated by Ryan Pancoast

Gavin Verhey continued his Commander Legends Q&A session he started on Monday, branching into YouTube comment questions in today’s episode of Good Morning Magic.

Verhey, once again, tackles questions of all shapes and sizes, hitting on topics like:

  • Basic lands weren’t included, because a main goal of basics is to show off the plane where the expansion is set
  • Verhey highlights his favorite card from the set: Hans Eriksson
  • Verhey teases potential characters that might show up again, along with the acknowledgement of the demand for a legendary phoenix
  • Verhey’s favorite partner duo: Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools and Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh
  • The desire to make an energy-matters legendary creature, but will have a tough time finding a set to include it
  • The origin story of Seraphic Greatsword and how it changed to what it is now
  • Why all booster packs from Commander Legends have the same art