Judge Academy Announces Next Five Promo Cards In 2022

Check out the new art coming for two of the five announced judge promos for 2022.

Omniscience illustrated by Alayna Danner

The Judge Academy announced the digital conference promo cards coming in 2022: Greater Auramancy, Omniscience, Parallel Lives, Stranglehold, and No Mercy.

The promo cards will be awarded for digital conference attendance, starting with Greater Auramancy and Omniscience for the January-March 2022 wave. Both cards receive new art with Greater Auramancy illustrated by Lucas Graciano and Omniscience illustrated by Alayna Danner.

Greater Auramancy

Parallel Lives and Stranglehold will be given in the April – June wave, though the art hasn’t been revealed yet. Two more cards will be used as end of year celebration cards, one of which is No Mercy. The last promo hasn’t been announced yet.

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