Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Showcase Treatments And Booster Fun Variants Unveiled

Get all the info on the new showcase treatments and Booster Fun styles coming in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.

Arlinn, the Pack’s Hope, illustrated by Anna Steinbauer

A new Magic set is coming soon and that means a whole bunch of alternate art and frame styles are as well. Take a look at the Booster Fun offerings from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.

The two new styles being introduced in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt are the showcase equinox and the showcase eternal night cards. First up is the showcase equinox treatments.

The showcase equinox treatment is reserved for all the Werewolves and Warlocks in the set. That includes the planeswalker, Arlinn, the Pack’s Hope. While we haven’t seen the treatment on any Warlocks yet, we have seen a few Werewolves. Here are Tovolar, Dire Overlord and Tavern Ruffian .

The showcase eternal night treatment will be used on all non-Werewolf and Warlock legendary creatures in the set. Similar to the eternal night basic lands that were previewed a couple weeks ago, this black and white style plays well with the themes of the plane. Check out Sigarda, Champion of Light and Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia in their special variants.

Just a bit of color in the pin lines makes these treatments pop. Here is a quick reminder of one of the sets of eternal night basic lands.

On top of the usual traditional foil versions of cards, 92 rares and mythic rares will receive the extended-art treatment that can be found in Collector Boosters. Borderless planeswalkers and dual lands will be another feature in the Booster Fun offerings.

Feast your eyes on the five rare dual lands in all their borderless splendor.

Now that you have seen the variants featured in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, how can you get your hands on them? With the exception of the extended-art rares and mythic rares that only show up in Collector Boosters, you have a chance to get any of the other special treatments in Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Collector Boosters. Draft Boosters continue to be the packs used for Limited play, but still offer chance at the showcase and borderless treatments.

Set Boosters, the main pack made just for cracking, offers higher chances at special treatments than Draft Boosters, with the chance of up to four rares or mythic rares.

Collector Boosters are still the best way to acquire all the flashy versions of cards in the set. These packs include guaranteed foil eternal night basic lands, foil double-sided tokens, foil and non-foil showcase or borderless treatments, and plenty of other goodies.

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