Ichikawa, Temur Crashcade, Wins 2021 MOCS Season 1

Ichikawa takes down 2021 MOCS Season 1 in exciting finale.

Crashing Footfalls, illustrated by Dan Scott

Yuuki Ichikawa won the 2021 MOCS Season 1 with Temur Crashcade in Modern on Saturday.

Ichikawa reached the finals of the eight-person showcase by going 3-0 in the Modern section of the event to face Francisco Sanchez, who went 3-0 in the Modern Horizons 2 Draft portion. Sanchez was on Mardu Death’s Shadow (Lurrus) and had lost to Ichikawa in the firs round of Modern. Ichikawa dropped the first game of the finals but rallied back to take the next two games, top-decking a Brazen Borrower to bounce a blocker on the last turn of the game to get in for lethal and claim the $20,000 first-place prize.

Sanchez used a Boros Affinity deck in the MH2 Draft to go 3-0, taking down Max Mick in the finals of the draft pod, to secure a spot in the finals, where he settled for $15,000 as the runner-up. Finals standings can be seen below.

See the Modern decklists for all eight players.