Hasbro Reports Strong 2020 Quarter 3 Earnings From Magic: The Gathering

Despite COVID-19 struggles, Hasbro reports strong earnings for Magic!

Hasbro, the parent company to Wizards of the Coast (WotC), released their financial results for Quarter 3 of 2020, showing promising growth from Magic: The Gathering.

According to the report, Magic delivered “strong third quarter results and revenue was up double digits for the first nine months of the year…” with strong performances coming from both Zendikar Rising and Double Masters.

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes safe, in-person gaming challenging, Hasbro notes that Magic: The Gathering Arena continues to be a strong asset and is “providing its players connections and entertainment despite not all being able to gather to play.”

Thanks to the success of Magic Arena, Hasbro intends to invest heavily into future “digital gaming experiences for the Wizards of the Coast brands” and seeks to “finetune” Arena in preparation for its launch on mobile platforms some time in “early 2021”.

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