Good Morning Magic Hints At Upcoming Commander Legends Cards

Try to predict what’s coming in Commander Legends with six teasers.

Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to give six hints about Commander Legends.

Put on your detective hat and try to decipher what is coming with these hints:

  • A legendary creature named Ghost of (previous legendary creature)
  • A card in the set has art that has only ever appeared on Magic Online
  • A permanent that has an ability that begins “you control your opponents while …”
  • The set has four non-evergreen mechanics (one is new, three are retuning). One of the returning mechanics has only been featured on one plane
  • A cycle of five uncommon legendary creatures with partner that are all animal familiars
  • A creature of a type that hasn’t been printed a new card for in more than twenty years

Verhey said he will have six more hints for the set on next Friday’s episode and teased that he will be previewing something else that’s brand new on Monday’s episode.