Good Morning Magic Explains How To Play In CommandFest 2 Online

Verhey goes over the easiest way to play in CommandFest Online 2.

Sol Ring, illustrated by Mike Bierek

With CommandFest Online 2 this weekend, Gavin Verhey used today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to instruct everyone how to play in the event.

First get your physical deck or decks ready to play. Then set up your play space with either a webcam or just your cellphone camera to display your part of the game. From there go to the Channelfireball Discord and go to the LFG channel in CommandFest.

From there, enter !power# followed by the number of the power level of your deck, then enter !LFG. The bot will pair you with a game and send a link to follow to SpellTable and get ready to play!

The power level for decks follows this outline:

  • 1-2: Just for fun
  • 3-4: Casual, Commander precon level
  • 5-6: Focused, but nothing crazy with infinite combos
  • 7-8: Optimized decks
  • 9-10: Highest level of competition and power

Verhey also recommend adjusting your decks so that it doesn’t contain cards that are hard to resolve online like Bribery or Mindslaver.