Good Morning Magic Answers Your Commander Legends Questions

Get the backstory on cards and cycles that did or did not make the final cut for Commander Legends.

Hullbreacher, illustrated by Sidharth Chaturvedi

Gavin Verhey keeps the hype around Commander Legends going in today’s episode of Good Morning Magic by making the first part of a Q&A for the latest set.

Verhey went to Twitter for today’s questions and covers a variety of topics. Some things he touches on in the video include:

  • Some cards designed for Commander Legends that got moved and changed were Tahngarth and Gerrard, who ended up in Commander 2019.
  • Verhey handed off the file of Commander Legends with ally-colored Confluences, but they didn’t make the final file.
  • Partner worked better and was less overpowered by keeping the cards with it to a single color. The main issue with partner was with the cards being multi-colored and allowing decks to branch out to more colors and end up being much stronger.
  • There’s a very good chance the foil etched card treatment will return in the future after the positive feedback it received in Commander Legends.
  • Verhey talks a little about the lore behind Rograkh and how he wants to go into more detail on a card like Najeela and the many other characters from Battlebond.
  • Cards like Hullbreacher and Opposition Agent weren’t part of a cycle and just happened to look and play similarly.