WotC Unveils Kaldheim Planeswalkers, Week of Metal

Kaldheim is almost here! Learn about the set’s planeswalkers and more!

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has revealed a series of details for the upcoming set, Kaldheim, including two brand-new planeswalkers, a table of events leading up to the set’s launch, and some of the set’s unique product packaging.

Kaldheim Week of Metal

In preparation for the launch of Kaldheim, WotC will be providing Sneak Peek Previews beginning tomorrow, December 15 through Thursday, December 17. While today’s article did not include any previews, WotC did provide several illustrations which give fans a glimpse into the world of Kaldheim.

Product Packaging

Previously leaked a few weeks ago, the product packaging for Kaldheim has now been officially revealed. As the packaging indicates, WotC has confirmed that Kaya, along with Tibalt, will be the returning planeswalkers for this set. Joining Kaya and Tibalt will also be two brand-new planeswalkers — Tyvar Kell and Niko Aris.

Tyvar Kell

As detailed by WotC senior narrative designer, Gerritt Turner, Tyvar Kell is Kaldheim‘s Elf-tribal planeswalker, and is a “wonderful, cocky, fun-loving braggart who was infuriating yet somehow impossible not to like.”

Niko Aris

Kaldheim‘s other new planeswalker is Niko Aris, a young, accomplished athlete hailing from Theros. Niko is a non-binary blue character and is described as being ambitious, heroic, and fate-defying.

Preview season for Kaldheim is currently scheduled to begin on January 7 with the official release in stores everywhere on February 7.

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