Commander Rules Committee Updates Legality For New MTG Unfinity Cards

Toby Elliot of the Commander RC has clarified the legality of acorn cards from the upcoming Unfinity set

In response to the unveiling of Unfinity today, the Commander Rules Committee (RC) has announced that cards from Unfinity with the acorn watermark will not be legal by default in Commander.

According to Commander RC member, Toby Elliot, the acorn symbol is the new equivalent to silver-borders from previous Un-sets, thus making them illegal in tournament play. While Commander is not a tournament format, some of these cards do possess problematic abilities, and they fear that attempting to accommodate them all could lead to future complications.

While the acorn watermarked cards will not be legal in Commander by default, Elliot and the Commander RC do however want to encourage individual playgroups to include these new cards as they see fit, as the needs, rules, and play-styles vary from group to group.

Magic’s fourth Un- set, Unfinity, is currently scheduled for release on April 1, 2022.

Read the original article from the Commander RC.