Beaulieu, Azorius Auras (Lurrus), Wins Insight Esports Historic Open

Sam Beaulieu takes down the Insight Esports Historic Open with Azorius Auras (Lurrus).

Sram, Senior Edificer, illustrated by Chris Rahn

Sam Beaulieu won the Insight Esports Historic Open with Azorius Auras (Lurrus) on Saturday.

Beaulieu was one of three players to make the Top 8 after going 6-2 in the Swiss, making the elimination rounds as the No. 7 seed. Beaulieu won the first-place prize of $1,250 by defeating Karl Sarap, Gustavo Garcia, and Sandydogmtg in the Top 8. Sarap and Sandydogmtg both played Izzet Phoenix, the most played deck in the event at just over 20%, while Garcia played Mono-Red Aggro❄. Four of the Top 8 decks were Izzet Phoenix, rounded out by Beaulieu’s Azorius Auras (Lurrus), Garcia’s Mono-Red Aggro❄, and two Indomitable Creativity decks (one Izzet and one Temur).

Indomitable Creativity decks have shifted back to the initial Izzet builds and a new Temur build with Koma, Cosmos Serpent. After the banning of Time Warp, these combo decks have shifted away from Jeskai and Velomachus Lorehold.

While Izzet Phoenix was the most played deck, Jeskai Control (Kaheera) was right behind it at 19%. Jeskai Control (Kaheera) continues to be heavily played despite a poor win rate, with the deck clocking in at 38% compared to Izzet Phoenix at 59%. The next three most played decks were Temur Indomitable Creativity, Azorius Auras (Lurrus), and Izzet Indomitable Creativity.

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