WotC Announces Return Of Mystery Booster: Convention Edition For Return Of In-Store Play

Mystery Boosters return alongside in-store play!

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced that the wildly popular Mystery Booster: Convention Edition is returning alongside in-store play for WPN stores.

Starting August 20, players will be able to enjoy limited quantities of Mystery Booster: Convention Edition to celebrate the return to in-store play. The set contains 1670 reprints, 121 R&D Playtest cards, and is an “…awesome experience with the feel of a “Chaos Draft” that uses multiple Magic Draft Boosters from different releases but bundles the cards and variety you’d experience into one amazing package.”

With the set’s re-release, WotC has also made a few tweaks, including frequency changes, card removals, and new art for Soulmates and Yawgmoth’s Testament.

You can view the changes below.

Increased Frequency

The following cards now have double the chance to appear in boosters:

Aggressive Instinct Alloy Myr Ambitious Aetherborn Armadillo Cloak Aura of Silence Cast Out Creeping Mold Cultivate Evra, Halcyon Witness Gift of Growth Great Furnace Knollspine Dragon Meteorite Might of the Masses Mirror Entity Mogg Fanatic Murder Path of Peace Priest of Titania Rhox Maulers Sakashima the Impostor Taurean Mauler Thrashing Brontodon Wall of Omens

Removed Cards

Anger of the Gods Approach of the Second Sun Desert Twister Dictate of Heliod Dismember Essence Warden Fade into Antiquity Forgotten Cave Frogmite Giant Growth Kird Ape Moonglove Extract Mother of Runes Nature's Lore New Horizons Nyx-Fleece Ram Pollenbright Wings Rage Reflection Revenant Rhystic Study Seal of Cleansing Seal of Strength Stalking Tiger Swords to Plowshares

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