Time Warp Banned In Historic

Quick action being taken against deck that crushed the Strixhaven Championship.

Time Warp, illustrated by Dominik Mayer

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) made an unscheduled update to the Banned & Restricted list today by banning Time Warp in Historic.

Time Warp

After the Jeskai Indomitable Creativity deck dominated the Strixhaven Championship last weekend, WotC is taking action against one of the pieces of the deck.

WotC cited the deck taking all Top 4 slots in the event and its ladder results as the reasoning for taking action.

“In the recent Strixhaven Championship tournament, five of the Top 8 and all of the Top 4 Historic decks were Jeskai Turns decks prominently featuring Time Warp. In addition to the results of this event, our ladder play data from Historic also shows this to be an extremely powerful deck that is challenging for many other decks to disrupt and boasts very few bad matchups.”

The article also noted that the Mystical Archive cards are having a huge influence on the Historic format and cards like Brainstorm and the other Mystical Archive cards in the Jeskai Indomitable Creativity and Izzet Phoenix decks will be monitored. Though the article doesn’t mention Memory Lapse, Mizzix’s Mastery, or Faithless Looting by name, those are the prominent Mystical Archive cards powering the two decks named in the article.

The article also stated that WotC is prepared to take further action if it is needed. While Time Warp is one of the powerful cards in the Jeskai Indomitable Creativity deck, some notable players have pointed out that it isn’t the most problematic card from the deck.

The ban is slated to go into effect tomorrow, June 10.

Read the original article from WotC.