Abrams Books Announces New MTG Art Book

Abrams Books announces release date for the upcoming MTG Art Book

Pools of Becoming, illustrated by Jason Chan.

Publishing company Abrams Books has announced a release date for the upcoming art book Magic The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse.

An official visual guide to the fantastical worlds and legendary characters of Magic: The Gathering

Jay Annelli, author of Magic: The Gathering: Legends: A Visual History, dives back into the Magic multiverse and provides original artwork along with “detailed primers on each plane.”

The book features 256 pages of stunning artwork depicting a visual guide to the history behind lore-defining events from the “…Phyrexian Invasion to the War of the Spark, as well as character profiles for Karn, Narset, Vraska, Sorin Markov, and other fan-favorite Planeswalkers…”.

Fans of Magic: The Gathering artwork and lore will have the choice of hardcover or eBook and can preorder now for $19.99 ahead of its scheduled July 22, 2021 release date.

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