Weekly MTG Commander Masters Previews Include Medallions, Retro-Frame Basic Lands, And More

Take a look at some of the iconic Commander reprints coming in MTG’s next set

Personal Tutor illustrated by Jeff Miracola

Blake Rasmussen and Gavin Verhey kicked off preview season of Commander Masters on today’s episode of Weekly MTG.

The duo showed off iconic reprints, previewed some booster fun treatments, and covered the draft archetypes for the Limited format. The main set of Commander Masters will only include reprints, but Verhey did confirm that there would be new cards in the Commander Decks. He also mentioned that there will be some exciting rarity downshifts that introduce new cards to Pauper, though none of them were previewed today.


Let’s take a look at the previews that include new borderless art versions of Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, Commander Tower, Fellwar Stone, and Path of Ancestry. There are also first-time foils of the Medallions originally printed in Tempest.

Legendary Creatures

What would a Commander set be without legendary creatures? Take a look at some of the returning legends, including new borderless profile versions of Commander favorites.

Retro-Frame Basic Lands

The only retro-frame cards in Commander Masters will be fan-favorite basic lands by Alayna Danner, Rebecca Guay, and Mark Poole. This marks the first time these lands will appear in retro-frame treatments.

Draft Archetypes, Format-Specific Rule Change

Verhey mentioned that when playing this format in Draft, players will be able to partner any two mono-color or zero-color legendary creatures. This rule allows flexibility when drafting and doesn’t work with multicolor legends, so keep that in mind if you draft a Maelstrom Wanderer or Karador, Ghost Chieftain.

The draft archetypes for the set break down like so:

  • UW – Go wide artifacts
  • UB – Reanimator
  • BR – Sacrifice
  • RG – Power matters
  • GW – Go wide tokens, counters
  • WB – Token sacrifice
  • BG – Slow tokens, morbid triggers and Saproling sub-theme
  • UG – Ramp
  • UR – Spells
  • RW – Equipment

Key Dates

  • Debut and Previews Begin: July 11
  • Commander Deck Previews: July 17–20
  • Card Image Galleries Complete: July 21
  • Pre-Prerelease with LoadingReadyRun: July 22
  • WPN Premium Store Preview Events: July 28–30
  • Command Zone Podcast’s Extra Turns Gameplay: August 2
  • Global Tabletop Launch: August 4

More details on Commander Masters can be found in the official Collecting article from WotC.